How Regularly Do You Check The Tires?

Did you do this right? Yes, you did, if you did it in the following manner. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book. And it is just so easy to do if you’ve never done this before. It is also a good precursor to regular tire services normal il work going forward. It becomes a case of getting into the good habit. The old trick is known as the matchstick test. Here is what you do. Head off to your driveway where you parked your car.

And while pulling out your box of matches, proceed to the first of your car’s four tires. Pull just one match out of the box and then crouch down on to your haunches so as to get a proper view of what you are about to do. So, what you do is this. You place the matchstick upright, just so, into any one of the hundreds of grooves that should be squiggling across your car’s tire. The deeper your match is able to pop into the groove, the stronger and firmer and stable your tire is.

It is almost as though you’ve still got a new tire. But, what!? You couldn’t even find a groove? You ran your clean hand clean across the surface of your tire and how did that feel? The tire’s surface felt as smooth as a button? Well, it’s a miracle that you are able to report this to your fellow-readers because a tire in this condition is just plain shocking. With tires like that, you must have found it difficult to traverse the road’s surfaces, particularly if there was moisture overnight.

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How regularly do you check your tires? Well, that’s up to you, but do let your tire services technician tell you how often.